Speed Dating in 2015



Yes, speed dating is still a thing…but does it work?

This becomes a very relevant question for many of us who are involved in the cougar dating scene. From time to time we will see the posts for a new speed dating event that is going on, and our interest is piqued. We wonder if there will be a fair amount of ladies out at the event and whether it is worth checking out or not.

Well, in some ways that entire question can be answered in one single word: Depends.

It depends on what you are looking for, but more importantly, it depends on where your current online profile is and how you are maintaining it.

You see, speed dating is in many ways a thing of the past with the onset of the internet. Most of your legitimate seekers are going to be online, in comfort of their own home and the safety of their couch, surfing profiles and swiping left or right.

So, though you may go to a speed dating event as a joke or just  a quick laugh for the experience, if you are really interested in dating a cougar you need to build up a robust online presence on whatever social media site you are on.

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