Live in the Here and Now



Living in the past is not healthy…for anyone involved. It’s not healthy for you, if you are doing it, and it’s not healthy for the person you are currently with.

When we live in the past we are living in a constant place of regret. We are analyzing our movements, actions, and reactions to things that happened long ago. We are living out the “what if” when the “what if” is not a possibility at all.

In addition, we are dragging down the person beside us because they too, are living out the past with us. We force them to. We constantly compare ourselves to them and we compare them to our past. This is not fair for anybody who is with us. It means we are constantly comparing them to somebody else, and not seeing them for who they are.

Such an existence leads to you, the person being in misery, as well as the person you are with to be in misery as well.

We need to learn to let go and move on from the past. This is the only healthy thing we can do in order to have a healthy relationship. Take a look at today’s article to learn just how to do this.

Read the full article here: How living in the past fractures your relationships

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