Here’s What Cougars Think of You



It used to be that you would see on movie screens such fare as 10 Things I Hate About You and on smaller screens 10 Things To Date My Daughter. Now what we have for you is an article on 10 things to know if you are dating a younger man. That’s right. This article is talking about, my friends.

Recently an article was published for all the lovely cougars out there who are interested in dating a younger man. It details what to expect and how to deal with it.

Now, here’s what you can do…read the list. Memorize it and…

…undo it! What do I mean by this? Turn everything this list has to say about you young men on its head. If this list says that the tendency of young men is to be emotionally distant and insecure, well…show these women a different side. Work on your emotional makeup and behavior and learn to express yourself in new ways that get in touch with your feelings.

Why is this important? Well, think about it…this woman is expecting one thing and you give her the exact opposite…and if it’s true that opposites attract, well then…you are in it to win it!


Read the full article here: 10 things every 30-year-old should know about dating young men

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