Get Over Those Jitters



First dates are always nerve wracking. You’ve got everything going on from “what should I wear” to “does this cologne smell funky?”

On top of that, when you actually get out on that first date you need to deal with conversation topics and keeping things moving. This is all a recipe for disaster if you lose your cool and struggle from the beginning.

You remember what that’s like, right? The sweat begins to form in the underarms and across the forehead, you can feel it trickle down the spine of your back, and there’s more “umms” to preface each sentence and end each sentence then there are words in the sentence itself.

Well, if you’ve been there, and let’s be honest…who hasn’t been there? Well, if you’ve been there then we have some good news. Here’s a bit of help for you.

We have 7 tips to keep you going through that date and avoid all the “umms” and “ahhs” that want to creep into your conversation.

You’ll learn all sorts of things here, like how to keep that conversation going and what to talk about. So check it out and have some fun.

Read the full article here: 7 tips to help you with first date nerves

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