The Dos and Don’ts of That First Date

What to do once you get out of the bar and into the real world with your cougar? Interesting…for now you are on neutral ground. The bar may be her’s on cougar night, but now that you are in the “real world,” well…nobody has a finger on that.

So what do you do? More importantly, what don’t you do?

Do: smile a lot…show her you are interested and enjoying your time…but make sure it’s not a toothy, gummy sort of smile. Just make sure you don’t have a “sour-puss” face on.

Don’t: ask a lot of personal questions…you’re not there yet. And, to be honest, it can sound sort of stalker-ish. So keep it light, stay away from the politics…but yet, make sure you’re deep enough so she doesn’t walk away thinking you’re a shallow dolt!

Do: let her decide whether she wants to be picked up or not…remember, offer. Be a gentleman. But do not be insistent. She may not actually want you to know where she lives. (Remember that whole stalker-ish sort of vibe above? Yup…) At the end of the night, offer to take her home…but if she refuses, than insist on getting her a cab and picking up the fare.

Don’t: ….well, you’re just going to have to read today’s article to figure out more of the don’ts.

Take a look.


Read the full article here: 3 First Date Dos and Dont’s

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