Dating Offline In An Online World


Dating in today’s world is easy and complicated all rolled into one. These days people simply have to open up an app on their phones and swipe either left or right. I mean really, it doesn’t get any easier than this, does it?

You can even choose, if you so wish, to go the longer route and create an online profile at a matchmaking dating site. These sites have long surveys that you take, detailed profiles you create, and action selfies you can post for people to get an idea of who you are and what you’re all about.

But what’s missing in all of this? How about the simple idea of organically meeting somebody? What do I mean by this? Sites and apps can take all the fun out of dating. What happened to those ¬†good old days of meeting somebody in the coffee shop or at the gym?

We have invested so much in these technological wonders that we have taken the one thing that is truly important and mesmerizing about meeting a significant other: the spark. It’s that chance encounter that you hear about, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, have an experience with.

So get off your computer and smart phone, and get out there and meet somebody today.


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