Cougars and Their Children



If you are dating a cougar, and she has children, what are you to do? There’s a simple answer to this question: Nothing.

That’s right…nothing. If the cougar has not asked you to meet her children, then chances are she has no interest in you meeting her children. And for that, my young pup, you ought to be thankful.

The cougar is typically looking for an escape from her perceived reality. This means that you meeting her children is essentially a big NO. Why? Is she embarrassed of you? No. Rather, she is keeping her worlds separate and distinct.

Don’t think that by forcing yourself upon her children that you are going to get into her life that much tighter. Rather, what will end up happening is that you will push her away. You’ll push her away because she will not want to see both of her distinct and separate worlds crash in upon one another.

So, if she has kids…remember, these kids who are old enough to come out to the bar with her…didn’t. If she wanted them there with you, they would be there. They aren’t there. So just enjoy your time with her and let her enjoy her time with them, separately.

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