“Would You Like Fries With That?”

Open relationship. Two little words that sound so good at first. But once you actually step into that world, well, things certainly come crashing down.

Don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, I bet you know the concept all too well…

You’re cougar wants to play the field a bit. She doesn’t want to get tied down to any one cub for too long. She says she doesn’t mind you going out on your own, trolling the bars during your off days with her. In addition, she herself expects you to allow her to do the same.

Here’s what’s going to happen: Things are going to get messy very, very quickly. How? You are going to have an “encounter” with somebody. Your cougar is going to ask questions…she’s going to wonder how your encounter went.

“Was she better looking than me?”

“How was she in bed?”

“Does she treat you as well as I do?”

Flip the script…your cougar will have a rendezvous with another young pup. You’ll begin to wonder: Was he better than me? Was he in better shape than I am? How did he please you?

What sounds so good at first…an open relationship, takes a quick turn and suddenly you are falling down the rabbit trail to your demise.

So, just like the next time you are at the fast food joint and the waitress asks you, “Would you like fries with that?” just remember how bad those fries really are for you. Don’t go there.

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