Charm Can Do No Harm: Learn the Secrets to Being Charming


What does your style say about you? Perhaps you haven’t thought much about it. Or perhaps you find yourself in that zone of believing that apart from all of those discussions of style in the media and on the net, you yourself don’t have to worry about them.

Well, in the dating game this simply isn’t true. We certainly have to be aware of our personal presentation, because at the end of the day it’s what counts in front of the ladies. They will never know how impressive you are if they cannot first get by your initial look.

Here to help with all of this is a great podcast from a couple of guys who really know fashion for men and what it takes to get a date in today’s world.

Listen in as they discuss all things dealing with personal fashion. They will cover such topics as building an interchangeable wardrobe (perfect for all of us who are on a budget), systemizing your style and why we shouldn’t try to hide from our body type. All of these and more topics are covered in this great talk. Check it out today.


Listen to the podcast here: Antonio Centeno on Personal Presentation

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