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Dating Sites

We all know them and we all use them. Dating sites are part of the modern day dating game. But at the same time, we definitely do not like them all that much. Take a look at this story that breaks down what we don’t like and what we need to see in a dating site. Perhaps it will help you use yours even better.

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Dating and Divorce

Chances are, if you are dating older women then you are going to come across many divorced women. There’s nothing wrong with this at all…however, you do need to understand a bit of what you’re getting yourself into. Take a look at these 10 things a divorced individual learned about herself when she got back into the dating world. What can you learn and how can you approach?

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Gin Time!

Here are some great recipes for some new gin cocktails to serve up tonight. What cougar doesn’t like a great gin drink? They all love it…and they will definitely love the mix and spin you put on it with these. Check them out, test them out, and serve them up tonight.

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Your Hairstyle Says A Lot

Did you know that those lovely cougars are checking you out from head to toe? Yes, that’s right. What you have on top of your head is equally as important to them as to what you are wearing. So wear it right by checking out these hairstyles that the cougars love.

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Mixing Drinks Like a Pro

Mixing drinks is a great way to break the ice with that lovely cougar of yours. Learn more with these mixers and cocktail recipes. You can definitely go beyond the simple vodka and soda to something a bit more high end and elaborate. Wow her tonight with those skills.

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Suns Out

That good ol sun is out, and with that come the sunglasses. Take a look at these 10 hot sunglass trends to keep your eyes away from the glare and on the hot little number by your side.

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