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Cougars At Work

It seems these days that cougars are everywhere we turn. We do not just find them in the cougar den at the bar on Thursday nights. You can be in line at the coffee shop, or grabbing a book at the local book store.

Another popular place that you’ll find the cougar…at work. Cougars seem to be opportunistic these days, and they won’t turn down one of those opportunities just because they are at work.

So, what’s a young pup to do? Well, first you need to assess the situation. Is the cougar in question in a place of authority over you, like your boss? If she is, you’re going to have to be extremely careful with what you are doing. There is no trickier road to go down than the one dealing with a boss.

Should you go down that road? You know…I’m going to leave that to you. I can’t say no because you could end up having a great and fulfilling experience. You don’t have to think that everything is going to turn out crazy and that there will be some ackward relationships at work. If you are adult about it, you can get through it.

Well, today we have an article that goes into more detail about all of this. So take a look and enjoy.

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The Lost Art of Respect

Respect a lady and it will speak volumes to her. Disrespect her and you’re head will be spinning from how quickly she kicks you to the curb.

Respect is an art. Unfortunately today, it seems as if that art form has been lost with many of the various depictions of women on the internet and ill treatment of them.

We have to remember that these are still women who we are to honor and treat well. In other words, we are to respect them. Let us open doors, put on coats, and in general, guard them.

Women who come from an older generation, the cougars we find so much interest in, are very much interested in this. They remember that bygone era when men knew how to make a lady feel like a lady.

We should bring that back. So the next time you are out with your wonderful lady, remember to treat her as such. Get that door for her, even before she asks. Let this type of behavior so characterize the way you treat her that it becomes second nature to you.

Believe me, she will appreciate it.


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That 1st Date

That first date outside of the bar, away from the drinking and the dim lights can be a great opportunity for you to make a great impression. Let that first date linger in her memory forever. For some great first date ideas, take a look at today’s article.

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Creating the Right Image

You walk through the doors of that pub or bar, and what’s the first thing that comes to mind when the cougars’ gaze falls upon you?

Maybe they begin to think about how masculine and assured you look. Perhaps they begin to wonder what’s under that jacket and pants of yours.

No matter what it is they think, you need to know from the beginning that they are thinking something. So what image are you conveying and giving off to them when you enter the room?

Do you give off the feel that you are someone who controls the room and what’s going on? Or are you a person who simply fades into the background and holds up the wall?

Start thinking about that image, because the cougars are looking, longing and waiting. They are waiting for precisely that right person to come walking through that door.

Your image, your command and presence…that will tell them if they have found the right person. So dress sharp…stand up straight, and definitely work yourself to the bone. The cougars are looking for a tough and ready to rumble pup who knows how to handle himself.

So if you want to learn more on this, take a look at today’s article.

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Dating Expert Matthew Hussey

Dating Expert Matthew Hussey holds seminars for women on how to find men. In them he gives a breakdown as to how men think and process the concepts of relationship and love. How is this interesting for us? Well, it helps us to understand the tactics some women may employ when it comes to dating.

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Dating in 2015

The new year is not so new anymore. We’re almost to the end of January, and I bet some of your dating resolutions are going out the window. What sort of resolutions did you have? Perhaps it had to do with getting your online profile in order, or getting that particular picture uploaded to your new site.

Not sure what it is, but today we have a number of new resolutions that you can still take a part in and get ready to make lifelong change in 2015.

What are some of those resolutions? Well, how about unhooking yourself from this keyboard and getting out there in that real world. It’s one thing to surf the net looking for cougars, but it’s a completely other thing getting out there and seeing them in real life. You need to get out to the bars and enjoy some real, social interaction.

So perhaps one thing you can do this year is balance out your virtual dating time with some real, face to face time. In the long run this will help you, because eventually as you do the online dating thing there’s going to come a time when you need to have that human interaction. If you’re already doing it now, then you’ll just be that more comfortable later on.


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Red Carpet Dressing

With all the Awards shows going on recently, it seems like there is much for us to learn regarding style and dress. As we watch these stars on the red carpet, one thing for sure is that they definitely own it. When they place their feet on that carpet, no matter what they are wearing, they are going to wear it with confidence.

When you go out, regardless of what you are wearing, the key is to wear it confidently. You can be rocking some outrageous get up, but if you do so with confidence it will make people think twice about questioning you.

So take a look at our video here for the day to learn not only about confidence, but 2 other tips that will get you from the gaze of a cougar into her playful paws tonight.


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The Mindset of Cougars

Here’s an interesting article on what it means to live a passionate life. It’s interesting due to the fact that it may just capture the mindset of some of the cougars you are chasing after these days. Some of these cougars are not necessarily interested in mind blowing sex, but rather in a deep relationship.

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