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Charm Can Do No Harm: Learn the Secrets to Being Charming


What does your style say about you? Perhaps you haven’t thought much about it. Or perhaps you find yourself in that zone of believing that apart from all of those discussions of style in the media and on the net, you yourself don’t have to worry about them.

Well, in the dating game this simply isn’t true. We certainly have to be aware of our personal presentation, because at the end of the day it’s what counts in front of the ladies. They will never know how impressive you are if they cannot first get by your initial look.

Here to help with all of this is a great podcast from a couple of guys who really know fashion for men and what it takes to get a date in today’s world.

Listen in as they discuss all things dealing with personal fashion. They will cover such topics as building an interchangeable wardrobe (perfect for all of us who are on a budget), systemizing your style and why we shouldn’t try to hide from our body type. All of these and more topics are covered in this great talk. Check it out today.


Listen to the podcast here: Antonio Centeno on Personal Presentation

Make An Entrance: First Impressions Count



Do you want a sure way to get the cougars to fight over you? Here’s how you do it: own the room when you walk in. Not sure what this means? What we’re talking about today is the value and importance of making an entrance.

First impressions are key in the dating world. Oftentimes entire dates and relationships play out in the minds of women when they first see you walk into a room.

So how you walk and carry yourself will play a huge factor in whether that “relationship in their mind” becomes a reality in life. Take a look at this video and learn how to make the most of your first few steps into any room at any venue.


Watch: Importance of a Solid Entrance

In Praise of Cougar World

It used to be that the notion of an older woman dating a younger man was simply scandalous. Many people would look at that with a disapproving eye and wonder aloud just what was going on there.

However, thanks in part to celebrities like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, the concept of cougars in the world has entered into the public stream of consciousness as something that is not altogether that bad.

These days, now more than ever, dating an older woman is essentially culturally acceptable. Now, it may not necessarily be acceptable to your parents and more specifically your mother, but it’s not out of the question anymore.

As more and more older women are in the news these day dating younger men, your friends will be used to the idea and may not even bat an eye at it. More than ever, now is the time to explore options in dating older women. It is no longer a social stigma, and in fact it is more “in” than ever before.

So, if you are looking for a new experience or simply want to broaden the playing field for yourself, consider this as an option.


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Here’s What Cougars Think of You



It used to be that you would see on movie screens such fare as 10 Things I Hate About You and on smaller screens 10 Things To Date My Daughter. Now what we have for you is an article on 10 things to know if you are dating a younger man. That’s right. This article is talking about, my friends.

Recently an article was published for all the lovely cougars out there who are interested in dating a younger man. It details what to expect and how to deal with it.

Now, here’s what you can do…read the list. Memorize it and…

…undo it! What do I mean by this? Turn everything this list has to say about you young men on its head. If this list says that the tendency of young men is to be emotionally distant and insecure, well…show these women a different side. Work on your emotional makeup and behavior and learn to express yourself in new ways that get in touch with your feelings.

Why is this important? Well, think about it…this woman is expecting one thing and you give her the exact opposite…and if it’s true that opposites attract, well then…you are in it to win it!


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Dating Offline In An Online World


Dating in today’s world is easy and complicated all rolled into one. These days people simply have to open up an app on their phones and swipe either left or right. I mean really, it doesn’t get any easier than this, does it?

You can even choose, if you so wish, to go the longer route and create an online profile at a matchmaking dating site. These sites have long surveys that you take, detailed profiles you create, and action selfies you can post for people to get an idea of who you are and what you’re all about.

But what’s missing in all of this? How about the simple idea of organically meeting somebody? What do I mean by this? Sites and apps can take all the fun out of dating. What happened to those ¬†good old days of meeting somebody in the coffee shop or at the gym?

We have invested so much in these technological wonders that we have taken the one thing that is truly important and mesmerizing about meeting a significant other: the spark. It’s that chance encounter that you hear about, and sometimes, if you’re lucky, have an experience with.

So get off your computer and smart phone, and get out there and meet somebody today.


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Live in the Here and Now



Living in the past is not healthy…for anyone involved. It’s not healthy for you, if you are doing it, and it’s not healthy for the person you are currently with.

When we live in the past we are living in a constant place of regret. We are analyzing our movements, actions, and reactions to things that happened long ago. We are living out the “what if” when the “what if” is not a possibility at all.

In addition, we are dragging down the person beside us because they too, are living out the past with us. We force them to. We constantly compare ourselves to them and we compare them to our past. This is not fair for anybody who is with us. It means we are constantly comparing them to somebody else, and not seeing them for who they are.

Such an existence leads to you, the person being in misery, as well as the person you are with to be in misery as well.

We need to learn to let go and move on from the past. This is the only healthy thing we can do in order to have a healthy relationship. Take a look at today’s article to learn just how to do this.

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Is She Looking A Little Older These Days?



Has that lovely cougar been looking a bit older to you in the past few weeks or months? Has your eye begun to wander again, ever so casually?

Well, this is a serious issue. An issue that will definitely get bigger and bigger if you do not address it as quickly as possible. What is the issue? Things in your relationship have hit a road block. Passion is difficult to maintain, yet it is a key concept to any relationship.

So what you must do is ask yourself why your attention and passion has been waning as of late? Are there problems in your communication? Do you find yourself at an impasse with regard to the direction of your relationship?

One thing to keep in mind is that your age differences may eventually come into play in the midst of your relationship. As you get older and mature, you may have differences in terms of the direction you are thinking about going in life. These differences may not coincide with where your cougar is at in all of this.

At the end of the day, then, the best route for you to go is to be open in honest in your relationship.

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Cougars and Their Children



If you are dating a cougar, and she has children, what are you to do? There’s a simple answer to this question: Nothing.

That’s right…nothing. If the cougar has not asked you to meet her children, then chances are she has no interest in you meeting her children. And for that, my young pup, you ought to be thankful.

The cougar is typically looking for an escape from her perceived reality. This means that you meeting her children is essentially a big NO. Why? Is she embarrassed of you? No. Rather, she is keeping her worlds separate and distinct.

Don’t think that by forcing yourself upon her children that you are going to get into her life that much tighter. Rather, what will end up happening is that you will push her away. You’ll push her away because she will not want to see both of her distinct and separate worlds crash in upon one another.

So, if she has kids…remember, these kids who are old enough to come out to the bar with her…didn’t. If she wanted them there with you, they would be there. They aren’t there. So just enjoy your time with her and let her enjoy her time with them, separately.

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Aging and Dating



Age…our age, that is, is not the first thing we think of when it comes to dating a cougar. Typically speaking, the cougar is already in that range of being older than us. Normally the discussion of age deals with her, and not us. But this doesn’t mean that time is not marching on for us, as well.

With that time marching on, we need to consider how it will impact our dating game. As cougars are intent on keeping their pick of the litter on the younger side, we may still have that hankering for the older woman. So what are we to do when we just keep getting older, but those pups are staying as young as ever?

Well, you can definitely make your age work for you if you know how. So take a look at today’s video and see just how to do that.


Watch: Male attractiveness and aging

What’s It Like to Date That Older Woman



Thinking about dating that older woman? Have you considered what it would be like? There are a number of things you might want to keep in mind if you are thinking about doing it.

One thing that seems to be at the top of the list when it comes to dating an older woman is that she is the one typically in charge.

Now, this take charge sort of reality is an interesting one that plays out in a lot of different settings. For example, when it comes to calling the shots of vacations, restaurants and shopping sprees…well, she’s the one with the money. So it will all be her decision.

How about in the bedroom? Sadly, she’s the one with the experience there as well. Don’t be surprised if she’s the type that likes to take charge and make you her will subservient.

Now, a lot of guys can handle this, no problem. They may even appreciate it as well. Who doesn’t like to have their meals paid for as well as their needs met in a surprising manner in the bedroom. And, remember, most likely because she is older she’s going to set out with the idea that she needs to prove something.

So, take a look at today’s article for more understanding on what it’s like to date these women.

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