Charm Can Do No Harm: Learn the Secrets to Being Charming


What does your style say about you? Perhaps you haven’t thought much about it. Or perhaps you find yourself in that zone of believing that apart from all of those discussions of style in the media and on the net, you yourself don’t have to worry about them.

Well, in the dating game this simply isn’t true. We certainly have to be aware of our personal presentation, because at the end of the day it’s what counts in front of the ladies. They will never know how impressive you are if they cannot first get by your initial look.

Here to help with all of this is a great podcast from a couple of guys who really know fashion for men and what it takes to get a date in today’s world.

Listen in as they discuss all things dealing with personal fashion. They will cover such topics as building an interchangeable wardrobe (perfect for all of us who are on a budget), systemizing your style and why we shouldn’t try to hide from our body type. All of these and more topics are covered in this great talk. Check it out today.


Listen to the podcast here: Antonio Centeno on Personal Presentation

Got Yourself Horny, Baby?

Do certain foods impact your sex drive? Yes. The answer is yes. The short answer is yes. The long answer is yes. Certain foods definitely impact your sex life. They can rev up the drive. Now, the question is, how do you get them into the hands of all the ladies? Take a look for more.

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Watch Your Style

If you are looking to upgrade that style a bit, one thing you might want to consider is getting a fashionable watch. Wrist watches are a great accessory to any style, and different kinds of watches can certainly match the various seasons around us. Take a look at this guide for some helpful suggestions of matching watch and style.

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Make An Entrance: First Impressions Count



Do you want a sure way to get the cougars to fight over you? Here’s how you do it: own the room when you walk in. Not sure what this means? What we’re talking about today is the value and importance of making an entrance.

First impressions are key in the dating world. Oftentimes entire dates and relationships play out in the minds of women when they first see you walk into a room.

So how you walk and carry yourself will play a huge factor in whether that “relationship in their mind” becomes a reality in life. Take a look at this video and learn how to make the most of your first few steps into any room at any venue.


Watch: Importance of a Solid Entrance

Betty Draper for A Nice Surprise

With all the drinks out there, perhaps something a little unexpected and surprising is what your date needs tonight. What are we talking about? How about a great drink to whip up called the Betty Draper? This whiskey based drink is sure to knock the socks off of any of your dates.

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Summer Do

With summer right around the corner, people are pulling out all the stops. Pretty soon you’ll see new shorts and shirts and sunglasses all over the place. People will be at the showing off all the new goodness. And you know what else they’ll have? New haircuts.

Here’s a list of a few haircuts that just might be in this summer.

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In Praise of Cougar World

It used to be that the notion of an older woman dating a younger man was simply scandalous. Many people would look at that with a disapproving eye and wonder aloud just what was going on there.

However, thanks in part to celebrities like Madonna, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez, the concept of cougars in the world has entered into the public stream of consciousness as something that is not altogether that bad.

These days, now more than ever, dating an older woman is essentially culturally acceptable. Now, it may not necessarily be acceptable to your parents and more specifically your mother, but it’s not out of the question anymore.

As more and more older women are in the news these day dating younger men, your friends will be used to the idea and may not even bat an eye at it. More than ever, now is the time to explore options in dating older women. It is no longer a social stigma, and in fact it is more “in” than ever before.

So, if you are looking for a new experience or simply want to broaden the playing field for yourself, consider this as an option.


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Bar Cart Guide

Do you have a bar at your home or apartment? No? Well, you need to…you need to mix some drinks for those lovely ladies who are coming over.

Where do you go to keep up to date on exactly what you need in your bar cart? Well, we have exactly what you need. Here’s a helpful guide to know exactly what you should have on hand for every drink.


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Here’s What Cougars Think of You



It used to be that you would see on movie screens such fare as 10 Things I Hate About You and on smaller screens 10 Things To Date My Daughter. Now what we have for you is an article on 10 things to know if you are dating a younger man. That’s right. This article is talking about, my friends.

Recently an article was published for all the lovely cougars out there who are interested in dating a younger man. It details what to expect and how to deal with it.

Now, here’s what you can do…read the list. Memorize it and…

…undo it! What do I mean by this? Turn everything this list has to say about you young men on its head. If this list says that the tendency of young men is to be emotionally distant and insecure, well…show these women a different side. Work on your emotional makeup and behavior and learn to express yourself in new ways that get in touch with your feelings.

Why is this important? Well, think about it…this woman is expecting one thing and you give her the exact opposite…and if it’s true that opposites attract, well then…you are in it to win it!


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