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What is Cougar Date?

Cougar Date is a Casual Dating Website for Cougars & Toyboys in the UK

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All member profiles on Cougar Date are manually verified around the clock by our inhouse team of moderators. This ensures that you only see real Cougars and real Toyboys and don’t have to wade through mountains of fake profiles to find a match, like on other sites.


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It is free to join Cougar Date, set up your profile and search for Cougars and Toyboys in your area. It takes less than a minute to join so you can get started straightaway.


We take your safety very seriously. Our moderation team operates round the clock to keep out scammers and others who may have malicious intent. We also have guidelines to help keep you safe on our site.

What is a Cougar?

A Cougar is a mature woman who dates a much younger man. Typically in her 40s or 50s and at least ten years older.

However, the term is relative, a twenty year old man may well consider a thirty year old woman a Cougar. It is also sometimes used to describe an attractive older woman.

There is a stereotype of cougars being predatory in their pursuits of younger men, but we at Cougar Date can vouch for the fact that this is very much mutual.

Some see the word as crude but we see it as a highly positive and empowering one which celebrates the allure of mature women and the many qualities that come with age.

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What is Cougar Dating?

Cougar dating is the phenomenon of mature women, known as cougars, dating significantly younger men, known as toyboys. Usually there is an age gap of at least ten years.

The norm in heterosexual age-gap relationships is for the male to be the older partner, but cougar dating is becoming increasingly more popular and socially acceptable as society changes. We at Cougar Date can vouch for this.

Cougar dating is nothing new however, as Cleopatra clearly demonstrated a couple of thousand years ago. More recently, Winston Churchill’s mother, Lady Randolph Churchill, famously remarried a man 20 years her junior, George Cornwallis West. Even more recently, French President Emmanuel Macron married Brigitte Trogneaux, 25 years his senior. They met at school. She was his teacher!

Societal attitudes to relationships are relaxing and becoming more accepting of less traditional types of liaison.

Allied to this, the internet and technologies like Cougar Date are facilitating a greater number of social connections of all types, but especially between those who wouldn’t otherwise meet in the ‘so called’ real world.

This is driving an increase in cougar dating as well as many other non-traditional forms of relationship. We at Cougar Date celebrate this and believe that consenting adults should be free to date those of a different age or persuasion without fear of judgement.

Cougar dating relationships are usually casual by nature driven by the enjoyment of a short-term or no-strings-attached fling. Though many Cougar and Toyboy couples are in long term loving relationships and some marry and start families together.

Ageist attitudes persist at times but we believe that whatever your age you can live and love freely without being constrained by unnecessary societal expectations. Difference in age between consenting adults should be no barrier to love or lust.

Cougar Date Concierge

Cougar Date Concierge is our premium matchmaking solution for our most discerning clientelle.

We'll take the time to get to know you properly, understand your exacting requirements and match you with specially selected Cougars or Toyboys from our Concierge clientelle and wider network.

If you are looking for a more personalised cougar dating experience please email us on [email protected] with your contact details and with a brief outline of what you are looking for and we'll get right back to you.