3 Mistakes to Avoid to Keep Your Wealthy Cougar Happy

You’re in a great relationship with a rich Cougar. While there are a number of great benefits you can enjoy from this, the bar is still set pretty high. This woman can get and bed almost any man she wants, so you have to keep her up with her expectations.

Avoid these simple pratfalls and you’ll be sure to keep her around. First, swallow your pride. Rich cougars have their reasons to want to pay for everything and some men might find this emasculating. She’s independent! Let her decide whether or not this is a problem.

Second, be ready for lifestyle differences. Chances are that your Cougar has traveled and experienced more than you have. Don’t let this bother you nor discourage you. She’s into you because she’s into you, don’t think that you’ll impress her because due to your lack of life experience you’ll fail. Remember, swallow your pride.

Lastly, she’s not your trophy. Don’t brag about her wealth to your friends (unless she says otherwise). Avoid these mistakes and you’ll be above water at the very least. Read more details here.

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